Front Picture Folklore Academy, September 2014, Varna, Bulgaria


The Bulgarian Folklore Dance Academy...

Научете повече за българския фолклор, претворен в танца. Sempetmber Orse Academy. В месеца, когато земята ни дарява със своите плодове, когато слънцето все още ярко грее и морето е толкова примамливо, станете част от Орсе-тата. Visit our online digital ontology Difon (D1F0N). 

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Image from Difon Ontology

Dr Maria Drazheva, and Orse members from Solnik Village near Varna.

during the Orse Academy Supplement Program, November, 2013

Mrs Radka Nedeva, (first from left)

one of the Bulgarian living treasures She is the demonstrator of the Varna District Customs during the September Orse Academy.

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